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  • What We Do

    Electronic products sometimes fail for no apparent reason.

    In many cases, it is because counterfeit or malicious components have infiltrated production.


    We have already found over 250k counterfeit components in unsuspecting manufacturing sites in just a few weeks!


    Cybord system is a software solution. It physically tests 100% of the components by utilizing on-premise tools before they are assembled, using advanced Artificial Intelligence Algorithms and Big-Data to make sure no counterfeit or Tampered components get in.

    What are counterfeit components?

    They are fraudulent components that can harm your product

    • Cheap copies
    • Sub-standard or rejected components
    • Recycled components
    • Malicious hardware-cyber components 

    How common is it?

    Very common

    • 5-10% of components are counterfeit!
    • This growing black market is estimated at $ 20-40 billion  annually
    • Many sophisticated cyber hacks are hardware cyber infiltration, not software
    • We have detected many counterfeit components in unsuspecting production lines

    So what if I use counterfeit components?

    You lose money and customers!

    • Law-suits
    • Recalls
    • Reworks
    • Customers churn
    • Cyber vulnerability
    • Safety issues
    • Loss of reliability and reputation

    An organization infiltrated by counterfeit components is at serious risk

    Isn't it someone else's problem?

    If you care about a product - This is your problem!

    The manufacturers don't physically check the components they buy!

    Guarantee the product is what it is meant to be

    No unexpected reliability issues - Mark of quality

    • 100% of components testing
    • Artificial Intelligence detection algorithm
    • Big-data with millions of components and counterfeits 
    • High throughput
  • The Team

    Meet the team

    Eyal Weiss, Ph.D.

    CTO and Co-Founder

    “An expert in technology development with over 20 years of experience in successful multidisciplinary research and development”

    Gil Givati

    CEO and Co-Founder

    “An expert in management. Computer science and development expert with over 18 years of technology experience and management. “

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